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Class Idea Form - New Member

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IMPORTANT!  You can simply click "submit," but we highly encourage you to provide as much info as possible.  The two main things we look at when evaluating applications is the class idea form and whether we have space.  It's okay to say "I'm unsure what to teach" or "I'm new to homeschooling/co-ops," but we hope you will be open to teaching a class.  


The purpose of this form is to help us get to know you and to also share a class idea (if you have one).  Co-op is meant to be fun for both kids and parents.  Teach what you would enjoy!  Pick a favorite hobby, interest or skill and turn it into a class. We really are open to almost anything.  



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Preferred method of contact

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Nursery Workers:  If you want to be assigned to the nursery, select preferred period(s). First priority is given to parents with a nursery age child. 

I have a child in the nursery 1st period
2nd period 3rd period
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Maximum # of classes you are willing to teach

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Are you willing to lead teach any of these classes?  Select all that apply 

Little Learners Preschool- Kinder (general learning class) PE 1st-3rd
Wiggle Worms/PE Preschool-Kinder PE 4th-6th
Stories & Snack Preschool-Kinder Legos/Build It 1st-3rd
Arts/Crafts 1st-3rd Game Time 4th-6th (board games/social time)
Arts/Crafts 4th-6th Teen Time 7th-12th (board games/social time)
Arts/Crafts 7th-12th

Class Idea(s):   Share all your ideas!  The most important info we need to know is a general description, ideal grade level(s), and per student class fee (say free, if no cost).  We will contact you to confirm class ideas before posting the schedule.  


Additional Info: Share anything else you want us to know!